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Borderless Majestic Poster Print 

Sizes:  11 x 17,  20 x 30,  and 24 x 36  

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These Christian posters make a great gift for your pastor or any Jesus lover.

The Resume of Jesus Christ by Marion Witcher is an inspirational poster that is based on solid biblical truth. 

Planning a Christian fundraiser?  The Resume of Jesus Christ Posters can help you  reach the financial goals for your mission. 

Here's why the  Resume of Jesus Christ make a great gift and encouraging fundraiser:

First and foremost, its content is is an inspirational reminder of God’s provision and how He is qualified to manage our lives. 

Its content also features the unique qualifications, skills, and divine work experience of the Savior.  

The document includes only one scripture reference; this allows readers to benefit from its inspiration without numerical interruption.  

In summary, The Resume of Jesus Christ affirms faith, reads smoothly, and is formatted to closely resemble today’s professional resume.

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