The Resume of Jesus Christ


The Resume of Jesus Christ
by Marion Witcher

Antioch Publishing is no longer in business, but Marion was blessed to have her first Resume of Jesus Christ product line published by them.  Continuing to share the work in print, The Resume of Jesus Christ posters are made available via this web site.


Marion Witcher  used her vocational identity as a resume writer, coupled with excellence of work to write the Resume of Jesus Christ.   The impact of the Resume of Jesus Christ is maximized because each line within the document shows how much God loves and cares for humanity.  


This document appeals to Believers from diverse backgrounds because it is based on biblical truth, birthed in prayer and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The resume's credibility is confirmed in the Scriptures and the personal experiences of readers. 


The Resume of Jesus Christ is displayed in homes, offices and the church to encourage hearts with God’s love during these challenging times. Whether read in print or aloud, this resume speaks to the heart.  To date, it has inspired Believers of diverse faiths in the United States and abroad including Australia and New Zealand.

GOD'S WRITER                                                                                                                                                                                Marion's background includes being Writer of the Year and Most Dependable Writer of the Year for Purpose Magazine. says that the document was birthed in prayer and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  

Marion and her husband have two children, one is challenged with autism. She is the founder of His Ability Outreach, which offers faith-based support to those affected by disabilities. She also enjoys being assistant coach to her husband in the Special Olympics. 

A portion of  the proceeds of The Resume of Jesus Christ goes toward special need efforts.